The Spinal Missions Trip

I got involved in chiropractics over 20 years ago and felt like I had found my calling! Helping people through natural healing options was something I became very passionate about at a young age. When I learned about Chiropractic Spinal Mission Trip I knew I couldn’t adjust people, but I did know that I could provide them with oils!

I partnered with Chiropractic Spinal Missions Trip and donated along with doTERRA Healing Hands over $2000 in essential oils to those suffering with health issues and in need of plant based solutions. As we taught them how to use their oils, we knew it would have an impact for years to come. I only wish we could have done more. Each project we donate to or serve will bring us closer to our goal of making an impact from just one individual life to thousands around the world. Every person helping or donating is making a difference.  To learn more about Spinal Mission Trips for Chiropractors click here

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