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Humanitarian Projects

I witnessed my mother serving others one person at a time. I remember her having a birthday play date at our house for a neighborhood girl whose mom had to work on her special day. My mom invited her over and made her a cake so she could feel loved. My mother would sew items that the church needed or as a Scout leader for her local Scout troop. Whatever she was doing, I knew she was making a huge difference in the lives of her community. She didn’t give much in monetary value but the impact she made lasted a lifetime. 

To this day, her old Boy Scouts reach out to me often to let me know how they loved her and how important she made them feel. She made such an amazing impact on their lives. At the time of her tragic death, I heard from so many people about how they remember my mom as someone that always made them feel important. 

At the time she was volunteering, it didn't seem like much, but she was consistent at giving her time in whatever way she could. Those small amounts of time and the simple things people do can leave extraordinary impressions upon people. I love hearing how good she was because it has empowered me and has given me confidence, knowing that I have it in me as well.

I want to serve others like my mother did all those years ago. It wasn’t until recently that I realized even the small things I do matter to those on the receiving end. This page is dedicated to those who want to do more, feel inspired, and how they can make a difference in this world and in their communities. 

It only takes one person served, one at a time, to add up to impacting families and generations. As a business coach to entrepreneurs, there is one thing that shows up almost every time: giving back. You don't have to be on top of the world to give back. I have seen the great impact that the smallest of projects have made in people’s lives over time. 

"Because I Have Been Given Much" - Hymn by Grace Noll Crowell and Phillip Landgrave.

I grew up singing this song in church and it has always reminded me of how blessed I am. I grew up poor, but I never went hungry.  One line in particular used to put a lump in my throat that made me have to stop for a minute in awe of the things I had been blessed with: 

 "My glowing fire my loaf of bread, my roof safe shelter overhead, that he too may be comforted" 

Below I have listed a handful of projects that I have been a part of. Donate or partner with me today! Think about the small things you can do to give back. Contact me or any one of these organizations to see what you can do to start your humanitarian efforts.


Other Humanitarian Projects