Birth Mom Donations

Recently I partnered with my local church to help create birth mom kits for new moms who have placed their babies for adoption. I have several close friends who were birth moms and a few of my nieces and one nephew are adopted. I love these sweet family members with all my heart. I can only imagine the sacrifice on the other end as I have carried children of my own. I can't imagine having to make the decision to put a child up for adoption. While adoption can bring much needed healing to the receiving family, the giving mother who carried her baby for 9 months can experience massive grief. Although these mothers feel compelled one way or another, they are giving their child a life of stability and in many cases, age appropriate parents.

I imagine the grief must be piercing to the heart. It was my gift to be able to donate to all the birth moms for one year through a local adoption agency, essential oils for grief, peace and heartache. I wasn't there personally when they were delivered, but I heard that the adoption agency was overjoyed at receiving these wonderful packages that were put together for birth moms who had sacrificed so much so selflessly. I was honored to donate even one portion of the kit by adding an essential oil to help shift emotional tones and bring comfort at an emotional level. 

Here is a picture from the Humanitarian day where these two cuties helped Mom and Auntie do coloring pages for local refugees to help them learn English

Humanitairan Days birth moms 2 .jpg