In light of the flooding in from hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Where people‚Äôs homes are underwater, many have lost everything and some lives even have been lost to the floods. There has been devastation there. You might be asking yourself how you can make a difference. my sales team of Wellness Advocates decided to make a goal to donate 200 hygiene kits to those displaced in Houston. So far we have raised 118 kits in one day! I am donating 100 kits today bringing our total to 218 kits. If you are interested in donating to this cause. There are 3 ways to donate. 

  1. You can purchase hygiene kits from www.mydoterra.com/legacy
  2. I will donate 100% of my earnings from sales made this entire month to relief in Houston. Anything you purchase from www.mydoterra.com/legacy as a new member this week will be sent directly to the Healing Hands Foundation where 100% of their proceeds go to people and organizations in need. This is different from most humanitarian foundations where nearly all of the funds donated go to running the foundation. doTERRA pays for all their expenses running the foundation so that ALL donations go to the cause. There is no monthly ordering required for members. To learn more about how you can purchase click here
  3. Reach out to me and I can help you personally with a purchase or donation directly towards relief in Houston. They are in need of shelter but also hygiene kits and water. doTERRA is taking donating as much hygiene kits and water as they possibly can. Your donation or purchase helps tremendously. 

We are raising funds for one of our team members, Jennifer Nickerson. Let's come together as a community and help them in the short term while they figure out their next steps. All donations will be withdrawn and deposited into an account set up for to Jenn and Charlie to help fund a new home and replace household items, including clothing, furniture, and personal belongings that have been lost or destroyed. Anything you can give is meaningful and greatly appreciated. Thank you!