City Light Womens' & Childrens Shelter

Every Thanksgiving the kids and I round up toys, gently used clothing and gently used and new jammies to take to the local women's shelter, This year was particularly touching to me because just a few short years prior to this I was a single mom suddenly living on welfare. I am so glad for the assistance I received when I was left with absolutely nothing. When I started my business just a few months after the father of my children left me and my children with nothing but the clothes on our back, I was forced to find new housing in a difficult situation. I was lucky enough to rent a small farm house that had just become available from my brothers. It was an incredible healing time for me. I sold furniture to purchase my first doTERRA kit. I was purchasing this kit because I knew we needed it for our health. My son was struggling with a cough and Medicaid wasn't cutting it with the kind of help we needed. It was time for me to be empowered on so many different levels. I started with our health. I was so amazed by the results that we all received by using this small little starter kit for $150, that I decided to empower other moms and their families by sharing these gifts of the earth with others I saw struggling with health issues. That was the start of a beautiful journey of self discovery, empowerment, freedom and love. 
Shortly after we were left to fend for ourselves, I chose to take the road to empowerment. You can too.  Whatever situation you are in, there is a way out, there is hope, healing and angels that surround you. 

This day at the women’s shelter, I was filled with gratitude for not only being able to give back, but to be able to help someone with a fresh start, provide someone with warm clothes for their little ones, and give much needed blankets, jammies, and stuffed animals to those women who were in need of a hand up. I remembered when those around me donated toys, jammies and stuffed animals and food for me and my children when we were struggling. They lent me a hand up and I took until I was strong enough to stand on my own two feet. I remember the overwhelming gratitude I had as I was able to dress my children in warm jammies that first winter in the old farm house and how I never wanted them to know how poor we were. They never knew thanks to the outpouring of love that was so freely given and so well received. 

When we went to donate this time around, my son asked me if I was ever that poor. I told him, “yes.” He said, “But you still always seemed so happy, I never saw you stress about money or food, how could you be happy with nothing.” I replied, “Happiness comes from within you, it’s something no one can take or give you.” No matter what you have or what you don’t have, no circumstance or person controls your happiness. Gratitude is a choice, when we had nothing, I was grateful for the smallest things: warmth, shelter and clothing. I knew God had my back and especially my childrens. It was my belief in that support I knew was ours through our faith, that our needs were and always will be taken care of. Even when it’s hard sometimes, we can still choose happiness. 

homeless shelter 2016.jpg