Weekly Drops of Wisdom | doTERRA On Guard Hand Sanitizer

I have a confession. You see I used to make my own hand sanitizer and it was amazing. I thought I would never have to purchase another product in my life again. But I now have to admit, I was wrong.

You know I love my oils and I am a big fan of doTERRA products. Well, one of their oils that I have been using for years is their On Guard range. And recently they recently released the dōTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Mist.

I tried this on my skin and that was it. I was sold. It felt amazing, the ingredients are all natural, non-toxic, powerful and SAFE.

Not only is this product going to bring the amazing aroma of On Guard around anytime you spray it, but it will kill 99.9% of bacteria and other germs without drying out your hands! Could we ask for anything more? Probably not.

This 27mL bottle of sanitizing mist is perfect to keep with you at all times in your backpack, your purse, or even in your pocket. The active ingredient is naturally derived, USP Certified ethyl alcohol, which gives the mist antiseptic properties to effectively cleanse and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Seriously do yourself a favor and take a look at this product.  This is how you can start using it today.

  • Replace your toxic disinfectant wipes today with this hand spray. 
  • Put it in your kid's backpack to use at school. 
  • Leave one in your car for those gas pumping days. 
  • Put it in your purse and replace your toxic hand sanitizer.

If you need it, let me know in the comments below or DM message me.


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