The Tenth Day of Christmas...

🎶 On the 10th day of wellness, my true love gave to me .. 10 tips to fatigue recovery! 🎶

Fatigue-Temporary relief

  • Grapefruit for glutathione boost, detox and energy
  • Frankincense systemic cellular support
  • Balance, grounding blend for stress
  • Peppermint invigorating wake you up oil oxygenates lungs
  • Wild orange for stress and energy, homeostasis in the nervous system
  • Rose or Neroli to empower your heart chakra with high-frequency vibes
  • Mito2Max adrenal support for stress

LLV (lifelong vitality) cellular, support, essential oil infused vitamins and minerals, Essential Fatty acids, Antioxidants for free radicals. ENERGY BONUS! No synthetics or stimulants whole food sourced nutrition!

  1. 2-4 drops Grapefruit* over adrenal glands (on top of kidneys)
  2. 4 drops Frankincense under the tongue
  3. 3 drops Balance along the spine and each foot
  4. Diffused or cup in hands Peppermint and Wild Orange
  5. 1 drop Wild Orange* on heart Avoid Direct sunlight on location 12-24 hours.
  6. Consider Emotional Trigger, apply Rose, or Neroli to heart
  7. Avoid coffee and stimulants that burn adrenals out
  8. Take LLV!
  9. Take Mito2max with coq10, ashwagandha and l carnitine
  10. Power meditation, clear the blocks and energy drainers