The First Day of Christmas...

🎶On the 2nd day of Wellness, my true love gave to me…. 2 minutes to relief from my coughing, tight chest🎶

My essential oil protocols are very thorough and are meant to address not only symptoms but underlying functions that contribute to the symptoms. For example, I will address a cough with a different approach because it’s not just about opening airways, it’s about increasing function, moving lymphs, addressing the immune system, chemical threats and digestive issues that congest the entire detox pathway. For this reason, I get excellent results with my protocols. Enjoy this one, This is the first health issue I felt helpless at with my son, after learning about specific oils, and also learning how to get systemic inflammation down in his body by removing GMO’s and other inflammatory foods, replenishing gut flora and increasing enzymes, we finally got rid of his cough without meds! But for the symptoms of coughing to sleep well, and get some relief, this gave us incredible relief. Get your Cough Kit here on the blog!
 lemon, detoxifies lungs and fights immune system threats, cuts phlegm
frankincense reduces phlegm, reduces tightness, immune systemic support
breathe, opens up tight airways

  • deep blue, soothes lungs and opens airways, temporary relief of inflammation
  • douglas fir, opens airways, loosens mucus, relieves spasms
  • aromatouch, supports a healthy histamine response,  supports corticosteroid response in the lungs, relaxes muscles, increases circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

Cough & congestion : 

  1.  2-4 drops Deep Blue* on Chest (Immune)
  2. 1-2 drop Douglas Fir* on Chest (supports lungs)
  3. 1-3 drops Breathe* on chest and Breathe Diffused (Respiratory)
  4. 3 drops Aromatouch* on chest (corticosteroid response, histamine response)
  5. 1-3 drops Frankincense under tongue (systemic support) and on chest*
  6. 1-4  drops Lemon eo in a glass of water (lymphatic and immune system)

Also, consider making a roller bottle with 10 drops Deep Blue,  5  drops Douglas Fir, 8 drops Breathe, Drops 5 drops Frankincense 5  drops Lemon, fill with fractionated coconut oil or olive oil. apply to lungs, back and feet.  Apply up to 3 times a day. Roller bottle sent as a free gift with this package


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