The Oil of Divine Love

Rose Essential Oil by dōTERRA - Heart Chakra Balance

I am so excited! Rose oil is back and it contains a higher frequency than any other oil. It helps supports you to seek Heaven’s help and healing available through the Divine. I love this oil for its ability to balance the heart chakra which has a huge impact on all other energy centers in the body. 

I have used this oil frequently on myself and my children this past year as we had to endure a brutal custody battle. Even though we won the battle, it was really tough on us especially as I had been falsely accused and attacked. But just because we won, it didn’t mean my children didn’t leave the battle with some nasty scars on their heart that they should never have had to endure. Children should never be victim to divorced couples who disagree. 


This is where Rose essential oil is so helpful for all of us.  It is for the big traumas in our life, the emotional stressors that seem unbearable, unfair and when you feel bereft of Divine Love. Rose has the power to shift and balance this heart energy into trust, love and hope.

I place Rose directly over my heart as often as needed for emotional distress. 


Other benefits of Rose are as follows

  • Beautifies skin tones,
  • Reduces blemishes and scarring,
  • Healthy sebum balance,
  • Reduces wrinkles and skin imperfections,
  • Temporary relief of skin abrasions or threats,
  • The “Queen” of oils,
  • Immune system support. 

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