How to Get Off Sugar

Sugar can be an addictive substance. In fact According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it’s even more addictive than cocaine. There was actually a study on lab rats who were hooked on cocaine and after they were taken off of the addiction, they were given the choice of a cocaine or sugar water drop and they chose the sugar instead. What I think is part of the problem in our society as well and I think it’s important to understand what’s going on these days.

I grew up in a family where sugar addiction was very a family wide problem. Epigenetics plays role as well, we actually pass sugar addiction down to our posterity based on how genes work, addiction can run in our genes.

Since the 1900s, we’ve seen the sugar addiction rise and problems associated with sugar have become a huge problem. Our ancestors ate only 5-7 pounds of sugar a year, and we now consume on average 150 pounds a year! Really what we need to address here is why it’s such a problem and how can we fix the problem and how it’s related to multiple diseases and health issues.

Food Altered from original DNA

Let’s start with GMO foods. Some people think that GMO foods are this miracle thing that helps us feed the whole planet now and produce more of a crop when in actuality recent studies not funded by monsanto have shown that organic food actually produces a higher yield and uses natural ways of dealing with pests and weeds while protecting our food and soil from poisonous herbicides and pesticides.

It’s actually healthier for the soil so the healthy microbes aren’t being killed. When you're poisoning the plant with herbicides and pesticides you might genetically modify the plant so that it’s resistant to the poison but the living soil from which we draw nutrients isn’t resistant.

So now you have to consider that this poison is on our food and we’re consuming it and the microbes in our gut are not going to be resistant to the poison either.

When we’re dealing with GMO foods we’re not just dealing with the genetically modified organism that’s supposed to produce a higher crop, we’re actually dealing with a food that’s poisonous to our gut and that’s also going to kill the soil and nutrients and life cycle of being able to produce those nutrients.

We’re seeing a lack of nutrition in these foods but we’re also seeing that the poison is affecting us and our children on a long term basis. If you want to learn more, See What Dr Ann Meyers has to say about GMO’s, autoimmune disease and the gut. The effect of GMO foods on the gut micro biome is quite catastrophic.

A lot of GMO foods use what’s called “Glyphosate”, the same herbicide found in RoundUp that is being sprayed into this sugar and soil.

We see it a lot with wheat as well and if you actually look at the stats there’s a sloping scale that will show the rate of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity on the same scale as the increase of GMO foods. In fact, thanks to research done by consumer advocate Jeffery Smith, The rate of almost every major disease has gone up at the same rate as GMO foods.

So as GMO foods have been introduced and consumption has increased, we’ve seen celiac disease, gluten intolerance, neurological problems, ADD, and autism really skyrocket. What is more concerning is that these biotech companies are putting out ‘research’ that is so bias that its hard to sift through what is real and what isn’t. They have billions to gain if people continue to eat GMO foods. However, the researchers showing the real research have no monetary gain by posting these results.

My first suggestion would be to swear off ALL GMO sugar if you want to preserve the integrity of your gut and if you don't want it to affect you neurologically, since everything in our gut affects the neurotransmitters in our gut which directly affects the brain.

We have more neurotransmitters in our gut than in our brain. We want to make sure that we’re feeding our gut clean food that actually doesn’t have glyphosate, herbicides, and pesticides that will really cause problems with our microbiome.

The mode of action for how this poison gets rid of bugs and pests is that when they ingest the leaves from the plants, the poison makes their stomachs explode and they die from the inside out. So if these chemicals are making bugs’ stomachs explode, imagine what it’s doing to our stomachs.

Get off the GMO sugar and grains. Organic is the way our bodies were designed to eat food. The next thing would be to go for more natural forms. So let’s talk about good alternatives to GMO addictive sugar. Unless you’re on a Keto diet, you’re most likely primarily using carbohydrates for the main source of energy within your body and metabolism.

Things to look for are those like coconut sugar, fruit, berries, sweet potatoes all have a lower glycemic index. They’re better forms of sugar. What will happen when you switch from refined to organic sugar is you'll still have that energy available that you’re lacking but you’ll also be able to go to something that doesn’t contain poison.

My need to switch

In July I was full on addicted to cane sugar just like anyone can get addicted to anything. It was similar to any addiction where if you put it in front of you and you take just one bite, you can binge on it.

So that’s what I see people doing with sugar. I’ll look at my husband and he’s not super addicted to sugar, he can have it or he can’t have it, he doesn’t have a problem saying no. However if I was going to eat something with sugar, I was going to eat the whole bag. It was really important to completely cut that out of my diet. I suggest having some things available as alternatives such as natural maple syrup, date sugar, coconut sugar, things that are a non GMO forms of sugar.

With the average american eating 150 pounds per year of sugar, what could that possibly do to a nation in comparison to the 5-7 pounds per year? Let’s look at what’s been skyrocketing in the past 100 years.

We’ve seen Diabetes, we’ve seen Autism, we’ve seen neurological disorders, We’ve seen Fibromyalgia, MS, and other things. Also shown in the charts I referenced above from dr Jeffery Smith’s research. The rate of disease compared to food we’ve started to eat in the last 20 years is astounding and should be cause for great alarm.

I’ve been working with a functional nutritionist and tweaking my diet more to increase my metabolism with my thyroid and adrenals since I turned 40 this year I’ve noticed some sluggishness. One thing she had me do was actually test my blood sugar three different days before I ate breakfast - right before lunch, one hour after I ate lunch, and two hours after I ate lunch and I thought I had a normal blood sugar count.

My resting sugar was at 103 while resting glucose levels should be in the 80’s. I had no idea that I had high blood sugar. But it made sense, due to my family history and my addiction to sugar. She said that what that told her was I was deficient in vitamin B1 and had liver congestion. Those are the two things that really resonated with me because I know that I’ve had problems dealing with them in the past. So interestingly enough, after changing my diet and cutting back on even my organic sugars in general during the day and really focused more on complex carbs in the evening, I’ve noticed that my resting blood sugar rate is in the 90s. I am making progress. If you want to check your blood sugar. They are easy enough to buy at your local Walgreens or Riteaid just make sure you get the needles separate as sometimes they don’t come with the testing unit.

Alternative Solutions
Another thing you can do is choose certain essential oils that can help boost dopamine and serotonin levels. If we can help support dopamine levels in a healthy way we can curb that craving that we’re (too) often having. Some of the oils that’ve been researched to really support blood sugar are going to be: Cinnamon, Copaiba, Grapefruit, Turmeric, and Bergamot.

Those are my top picks for promoting both healthy blood sugar levels and brain chemistry. I take Copaiba softgels which we have now thanks to dōTERRA. Then I like to take a veggie capsule with Cinnamon, Grapefruit, and Bergamot in it. Heavy on the bergamot. for my exact recipe, click here.

On a genetic standpoint I really want to train my DNA to express differently which we’ve seen is possible through epigenetics research.

I am taking all of these internally and you can look on doTERRA’s website for their science blog if you ever have any questions or concerns about ingestion. If you’ve seen blogs out there or an aromatherapist say that oils aren’t safe to ingest, just know that dōTERRA’s oils are absolutely safe with the instructions that they’ve given. I’ve been involved in alternative medicine for 20 plus years and i’ve done the research and the research is here and a bibliography too with hundreds of studies on essential oils including internal use. Please don’t shop using those links as they are full price. My affiliate links are below.

doTERRA has over 6 million users and has a .002% adverse reaction rate and most of the users are using the oils topically, internally, and aromatically.

Anyone that says that they’re not safe either are using lower quality oils or talking to an aromatherapist that doesn’t know the real research. I have safely used essential oils internally for 5 years. Research supports my results as well that internal use of high quality essential oils is safe and effective for a wide variety of health concerns. If you need some reassurance, I posted the non biased science above, doTERRA has sited all independent research. Another research article you may find interesting which also involved internal use with human cells was done by Independent researchers at Roseman University also showing that of all the brands they tested, none were able to duplicate what doTERRA’s brand was able to do in human cells. Which proves my point that quality does matter and not all oils are created equally.

In Conclusion: We Need Change.

Let’s talk about the epigenetics. I think it’s important as a society to discuss this sugar topic if we are to change it. Everywhere we go there seems to be an offering of sugar in some form. Whether it’s a church event or a football game or whatever it may be, there are treats everywhere and it can really be frustrating. The main thing to remember is that it starts with us. We can say that it’s not acceptable to eat sugar at every social gathering ever invented. We can start to change that by starting with ourselves. For example I teach classes at Sunday School in my church and it was really common for people to bring treats every week to get their kids to focus. However to me, high fructose corn syrup, red dye #40, and blue dye #5 is not the way to get your child to focus in a Sunday school class:). In order to help incentivize participation and focus I actually have a toy grab bag that I let my kids pull from. They’re just little dollar store toys so it costs me maybe five bucks and they’re super excited to earn it if they participated and were reverent in class. I think it’s important to understand that as a society we vote for what we deem is going to be appropriate in these areas especially when it comes to uprising food allergies.

By getting into some community leadership roles, we can also make a bigger impact. The narrative surrounding this can change by promoting healthier alternatives. If I were to let my kids eat all of the junk food that was at all of the events we attend, they’d be pre-diabetic! And what’s interesting is your children might not be pre-diabetic yet but we’re in the first generation where we might outlive our kids because of all the garbage they’re being fed. So when we look at all of these scenarios such as neurological issues, ADHD, tics, mood issues, anxiety & depression, we’re seeing an epidemic that almost nobody is correlating to what we’re putting in our stomachs which directly affects brain chemistry.

The number one thing you can do to help your children focus better is to get them off GMO foods and chemical food that’s disrupting neurotransmitters in their gut. If your MD isn’t telling you this then you need to find a new MD because it’s the number one way to support children’s mental health.

The next thing is going to be support them emotionally, think about what emotional stressors can also cause genetic triggers for chronic health problems.

And last but not least, support them spiritually. If you can’t help them physically first though, you’ll have an issue trying to reach them on emotional and spiritual levels. Our body’s are our temple, so creating a healthy environment physically to house our spirits is a key component to divine connection. 95% of serotonin is produced in the gut. Nutrients and the absorbing of those nutrients is what makes the body work. As we are more serious about the food we feed our families, we will see a dramatic change in the emotional and spiritual dynamic in our children and our homes.

If you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as I’d love to help you with your wellness needs and pursuit!

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