How To Use Essential Oils for Pet Dander

We finally caved and got a kitten. My husband was floored,  Even though I came from a farm house with 33 chickens, they were outside so everyone was shocked when I brought home our sweet little kitten, Luke Skywalker.  I understood thoroughly what animals can do for people with autoimmunity. With my autoimmunity and my children's sensitivities to chemicals and foods, my husband thought I was insane as adding yet another possible allergen to our home could be a living hell.  My mission was twofold:

  1. To  have an animal that our blended family could bond over (considering I am done having kids) and to help my little 6 year old at the time learn how to open her heart again to someone or something besides mom. She had been through some pretty big losses and grief in her life. Loss of a maternal grandmother she loved like a mother who had cared for her much of the time I had to work around age 4. Her dad had suddenly moved away when she was 2 years old during my divorce. Even though he visits often, the loss of a father figure was heart wrenching for her. She was very closed off to all others except mom and lacked trust. She then was introduced to a new step dad at age 4 and was struggling to bond with our blended family.
  2. Now, 4 years later, I can tell you all of that has wonderfully changed and she loves her step dad who she has now lived with longer than her biological father. She loves him dearly, but when she was 6 she was in great need of some much needed trust and innocent bonding. A kitten would be perfect I thought! After all, we do anything to see our kids happy don't we?

So in spite of the itchy eyes and sneezing we all felt, I was determined to help us clear these symptoms naturally! And, guess what? In 4 weeks I did:) Here is how I did it: 

 3 protocols for respiratory support for pet and dander threats

The FIRST thing we did was support our adrenals for a healthier histamine response, Mito2max and Zendocrine capsules to open detox pathways. NEXT we used Triease for respiratory relief. This regimen seemed to keep our symptoms at bay. THEN for the deeper ready?  The best way to handle your pet dander reaction is by doing an intestinal cleanse. GX assist is your friend. (full cleanse PDF here) You can order these items here.

Intestinal threats are a sure way to get itchy eyes and flakey skin from pets. You actually could be reacting to the critters they carry, this is a very common yet unknown causation.  I recommend giving your little fur baby some intestinal cleansing as well. I recommend this natural remedy: Click Here.

Additionally, use a little Terrashield on your pets collar and a few drops along their spine. Already diluted in coconut oil this can help deter tapeworms and other worms that like to lay eggs on their fur. ( I know, gross right?) You’ll never look at your sheets the same again. This oil is safe for dogs and cats.  A few drops is all you need, especially for cats and the application can last a week or so. 

If you like what you see here, let me know by leaving me a comment below. I'd love to hear how this worked for you and your lovable pets. 


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