DIY | Natural Essential Oil Home Cleaner


I like to think of myself as the master of home cleaning when it comes to toxic-free. Maybe it’s because I can clean my whole house with one bottle filled with On Guard & lemon essential oil or that I don’t have to wash my hands every time the cleaning solution gets on my skin. 

I used to hate cleaning, now it’s SO easy. All I have to do is get my glass spray bottle, fill with about 10-15 drops of my glass tinted spray bottle. I can clean my sink, my counters, my stainless steel, my windows, mirrors, door handles, even floor and toilet! Its like magic how it just melts away stains and dirt. It smells incredible not like a chemical smell that causes headaches and congestion. It actually has a therapeutic benefit as I inhale.

My favorite memory sharing this simple but powerful cleaning recipe was with my sister in law. Instead of spending $20 dollars on a cleaning solution from the hardware store for hard water stains, she said she used about $6 dollars worth of lemon essential oil to rapidly get rid of hard water stains. She said it took her only an hour to do her entire shower, whereas before it was an entire day project and the chemicals caused her a headache. I am so glad I empowered her cleaning wellness! Grime in the bathroom? No problem, here are 5 tips to cleaning au natural (insert my French accent) 

  1. 15 drops of your favorite disinfectant oil, I like lemon, onguard and arborvitae (for a woodsy smell) 
  2. Add a tablespoon baking soda, a table spoon liquid castille soap with a few drops melaleuca or purify eo,  or doTERRA all purpose soap to get grime off  showers and tubs, melts of like butter. 
  3. Use a puma stone cleaner for the hardwater in your toilet, put a few drops lemon eo to get the tough stains. 
  4. Fill a hot sink or steam cleaner with a few drops white fir and lemongrass to clean wood tile or any other flooring surface
  5. Use a few drops lemon essential oil on a carpet stain with hot water, add a little onguard all purpose to get deeper. Watch your stain lift right off. I’ve used this for wine stains and more successfully. In fact there isn’t a stain I wasn’t able to remove with my lemon eo!

The above is what I use to clean my entire house! And its all under about $5 dollars worth of product combined for the above recipes

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