Lady boss’s how to keep your mojo in the summer months. 3 strategies for the Lady Boss


You know I never set out to be a lady boss. In fact, my vision was quite the opposite. I always dreamt of being a stay-at-home mom and having at the very least 6 children. YIKES!

But boy was my dream quickly and abruptly changed when my first marriage ended. 

I was caught completely off guard. I was stunned, numb and overwhelmed. I had already worked from home as a realtor our entire marriage while having two babies. The time was coming for me to soon be a stay at home mom and my then husband took over all my real estate listings. 

Then my world came crashing down on me as he broke the news of wanting a divorce. Although devastating at the time. What I didn’t know at the time was that him leaving me was the best thing that could ever happen to me. 

I was in a deep FOG (fear, obligation, and guilt)

For some reason, I took on all the blame and constantly looked for ways to make him happy during this time. Ultimately thru a discovery process of about three months where I spent deep time in meditation and prayer, I realized our failed marriage was not all my fault

This realization was actually a hard concept for me to swallow since I had been lead to believe that I was the problem.

What I realized through this journey was that
A) I was loving, nurturing and had a great personality. 
B) People liked me despite what he told me.  

I had many experiences leading up to this clarity. But within about 6 months of this realization, everything shifted for me.

I was living my purpose, out of a miserable marriage and onto healing my children’s wounded hearts.

Although this was tough on my kids, I taught them how to be happy despite life’s circumstances such as, having money or having no money, having a big house or small house, and even with their dad moving out of state. 

I taught them happiness comes from within. That it’s okay to be sad sometimes and no one controls our happiness. I taught them to look for the opportunity in every obstacle and still teach them that to this day. 

I love seeing them respond with empowering beliefs. I am proud to say that my misconception that you have to be a stay at home mom only to raise happy children has been disproven time and time again. 

I do this myself and teach other women how to be empowered as a stay at home mom, boss or whatever you want to do. We got this!! 

I put together these 3 tips for you, and by the way, these tips are not just for mom’s who work, but all the lady bosses out there!

1. Claim it. Don't sit around waiting for life to happen. Envision your dreams and desires, designate your vision and future. What is it that you want to accomplish? Who is with you? What are your core values? What is your purpose and how are you going to bring value to the lives of other. All Lady bosses need to bring massive value to bring in massive checks. You have massive value, so what is it, and how will you apply it!? Sometimes this self-discovery takes time to peel back layers of disempowering false beliefs, but ultimately, you are inside there somewhere. 


Create a vision board around your dreams, passions, gifts and how you will serve this world. My business coach taught me that it’s not just the dreams that go on the vision board, it's also the work it requires. 

2. Affirmations: At first this sounds cheesy to some, it did to me, but I didn’t realize the power of affirmations until I was challenged to do them. 

Here is why it feels weird. When we have a belief that is disempowering or ‘false’ such as “I am just not good enough” or ‘things just don’t work out for me”.  

Two things happen.
1. When we believe those things, we look for evidence to prove it right.  So by having these things constantly not working out for us, is actually happening because we have told ourselves that. 

It’s actually the belief that comes first then our sub conscious mind wants to prove that false belief true, so we subconsciously look for things to go wrong. 

It’s a horrible trap don’t do it! 

2. When we really don’t believe we are ‘more than enough’, then it feels like we are actually not telling ourselves the truth. 

Listen here! You will ALWAYS be more than enough, anyone who tells you different is lying to you -- and that includes what you’re saying to yourself too.  

So do those affirmations until they feel natural! 

Here is my list of power affirmations that I use daily to retrain my subconscious mind to believe the truth. After doing it awhile it will feel natural and habitual. That’s when the real magic happens. 

It’s important that you create your own affirmations that are specific to your situation and that reflect the opposite to your limiting beliefs.  A powerful way to take in these affirmations, which science has told us to hold true, is if you listen to your affirmations with non-verbal music, it will sink in even further! 

One of my favorite neuroscience tools to get your affirmations started is by Deb Erickson, you can get her free download here to help change your mindset and prepare your mind to think differently. 

3. Take Massive Action: Don’t sit around waiting for it to come to you, it comes to those who seek it. The great poet Rumi said, “What you seek, seeks you.”  That statement is so true! 

But you have to also actually do these things. You cannot just think about them. 

As you do this, things will come to you, but taking action is a key step to making your dreams a reality. So book that flight, attend that seminar, take that challenge, call that person and listen to every intuitive thought you have and make magic happen. It’s your destiny.  If you have been wanting to take the plunge into working from home I would love to be your guide. Contact me to schedule a consultation and lets chat about your future as a Lady Boss. 

You can download the Affirmations here. Change them up a bit and make them your own!


I AM Infinite, I AM creating a life I love, I AM grateful for all life has to offer me. Everything always works out for me. I give and receive freely. I allow all blessings to flow into my life with ease. I AM more than enough. 

I AM an amazing mother and wife. I GIVE and receive appreciation freely and often. I CREATE and spend quality time with my loved ones, I fill their buckets as I also fill mine. I take AMAZING care of myself and my family. We Express love and show gratitude often. 

I AM building a business that serves and adds massive value to the lives of others. I EMPOWER mothers all over the world. I LOVE freely. I TEACH people how to be healers of their lives. I SEEK learning and opportunities come my way often. ANYTHING is possible. I live an INSPIRED life.  I am PRESENT with my loved ones. I TRUST the process of life and I know GOD is in control. So I am PEACE knowing all things work together for my GOOD.  

I AM doing all that I need to DO in order to fulfill the measure of my CREATION. I co-Create my life with GOD and HIS plans for me are not frustrated. I SERVE to my capacity while not running faster than I have STRENGTH. 

I NURTURE relationships and LOVE people. I am PATIENT. I AM building WEALTH and I do GOOD with all things I have been ENTRUSTED with. I BUILD my business in FLOW. Follow up comes naturally and often to me. I INSPIRE others to LIVE their PURPOSE. I CLAIM my dreams. 


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