Increase Your Workouts with Essential Oils

I remember once doing a HIIT workout, High Intensity Interval Training. I am more of a yoga person now, not that I don't think HIIT workouts are fantastic, I just prefer yoga for my energy style and health needs. At one point I was a hardcore anaerobic exerciser and let me tell you, I would get such a burn in my throat from these workouts that gasping for air was so discomforting. The first time doing this kind of a workout and having access to doTERRA oils. I slathered some Breathe on my throat and upper chest and the discomfort of sucking air immediately dissipated. I was amazed! I later learned that the ingredients found in Breathe oxygenate cells which in turn increases oxygen saturation throughout the body.

My nephew who has respiratory distress at times has an oxygen saturation ‘tester’ for lack of a better word. His oxygen saturation increased from 84% to 100% within ten minutes of using Breathe and Deep Blue essential oil slathered on his chest and back over the area of the lungs. He also took a deep inhaled breath of the Breathe in his cupped hands. He and his mother were pretty blown away at the result. Later we discovered some underlying issues that were making his lungs congested which you can read more about in my detox segment here, but for temporary relief, this was incredible! Anyone with respiratory discomfort, whether you’re working out or not, can benefit from these enhancements to their regimen. 

  • Breathe on chest to oxygenate lungs
  • Lemon in water before and after to combat herbicides and pesticides which are everywhere including in food and grains, not just produce 
  • Deep Blue on joints for a smooth ache free run
  • Lemongrass as added support for vascular health
  • Cypress and Marjoram or Aromatouch Blend for flexible joints and circulation

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