I AM Thankful Series - Gratitude is the strongest seed to Abundance

“Gratitude is the strongest seed to Abundance” Melody Watts

I am so grateful for the abundance I have been blessed with in my life. If you can be grateful though even through turmoil, it seems the abundance comes in even more richly. 

 My coach Tiffany Peterson once said, “for every obstacle lies a seed of equal or greater opportunity.” When faced with adversity about 5 years ago I was completely broken and I did not see a way out of my troubles. It was an obstacle I didn’t think I could manage.  I was left completely alone with no money, no house, no husband, and my mother recently gone in a sudden car accident. I was devastated. How did I pull myself out? 

I knew this much, that God loved me and there was a plan and purpose in the pain. I looked for opportunities to be grateful, My brother told me to look for the silver lining. I chose to have faith and share that faith with others that seemed sometimes even worse off than me. 

5 years later, I never dreamed I would have the life I have now, with an amazing husband who loves and appreciates me, amazing kids and bonus kids. I have an incredible job where I get paid to help people increase their health and financial health and set my own hours. 

BE GRATEFUL even in the hard times, it all turns out for your benefit if you believe you are worth it and have faith! 
homeless shelter 2016.jpg

This is a picture of me giving back several years after my hardship, we gave to a women's shelter and now do this every year as a tradition to always remember where we came from.