How We Celebrate St. Patricks Day

I knew Walter's family in high school but he was 10 years older than me. I ran into him later in life when I went to see his twin brother, who was my functional medicine doctor. When I walked into the office, I had mistaken Walter for my doctor and spilled my beans about my health woes. I realized shortly after when his brother walked into the waiting room, that I was talking to Walter. I laughed a little inside because we were both newly single and I was also wearing ripped calf sweats, tube socks, frumpy sweatshirt and no makeup. Thankfully the next time I saw him, I was dressed up in a mango dress and pink stilettos because I thought he was pretty hot stuff.

This past weekend, Walter and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary. We were married on St. Patrick’s Day. My mom had just passed away in 2013  and I couldn't think of a better anniversary date than the date my parents met which was St patricks day 1969. My parent’s marriage wasn't perfect but it was full of selfless love and appreciation. My mom adored my dad; my dad was always so affectionate with my mom. It was something I was able to see and model how a husband should feel about a wife. Walter and I both came from previous marriages of disharmony, having someone appreicate you makes all the difference, and it was mutal.  I finally had someone who adored and loved me the way I knew was the right way to be loved. Happy Anniversary Babe!


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