How To Use Essential Oils For Father's Day

Have you ever thought about what to get that special dad in your life? I’ll make it easy for you. Try out this incredible gift pack from doTerra for Dad’s limited edition.


Add it to a family essentials kit for $150 so you can do the following Fathers Day pampering with your starter kit which includes:

  • Melaleuca for after shaving blemishes and ingrown pores.
  • Digestzen for that over indulgence on his Father's Day meal. (A few drops on the belly and under the tongue will work wonders).
  • Deep Blue for that achy back. Give him the foot massage he'll never forget with this combo.
  • Add some Frankincense to his water for even more nervous system and digestive calming benefits.
  • Put Lemon in his water to help him feel alert and energized. It can clear sinus congestion and head tension too.
  • Apply Lavender to his calves right before bed with coconut oil and he'll sleep like a baby and it might help him not snore. It’s also great for the skin, combined with coconut oil. Using Lavender will also boost adrenal gland and hormone function for your man...ooh LaLa.
  • Apply Peppermint to his temples for an energizing effect.
  • Clean up those toenail beds with Oregano.
  • Onguard for those days he's feeling run down. A few drops on his feet or in his water will boost his immune system before a long day at work.
  • Breathe essential oil to place on his chest before his workouts. He'll have higher oxygen saturation. Place it in his gym bag so he can shower with it afterwards.

The best part about this gift? He will have experienced the top ten oils with incredible results, giving you the green light so you can buy more oils for yourself. Score!! Best Father's Day gift ever!

The strategy

Add this awesome oils case and Father's Day limited edition gift pack to your family essentials kit make his Father's Day extra special. Then download my Essential Oils for Father’s Day Guide so he knows what he will be getting! Contact me today to place your order in time for Father's Day.