How to Manage Anxiousness With Your Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras


Boy, do my kids get excited and anxious when school starts!

I mean who wouldn’t be excited right? They are in a new school, new friends, new teachers and in a new grade.

I remember when is was a child and not sleeping the night before school and for me it was terrible! So I try and help them with the roller coaster of emotions and butterflies in their bellies.

I have a protocol to give my kids the night before and in the morning of for peace and confidence!

Here is what we are using to calm down the excitement, help them rest well and be prepared.

PS This can be used on adults too:)  Because change is hard for us too!

Peace on the heart (Reassuring)
Console on the solar plexus (Comforting)
Bergamot on the solar plexus (Confidence)
Forgive on spine (Renewing)
Balance on Feet (Grounding)
Intune under nose (Mental Focus)


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