Natural Solutions for Ear Aches, Tummy Aches and Sore Throats

Every mom has kids with occasional tummy aches, earaches, and sore throats. It's so nice to feel empowered with these plant-based options that work so incredibly well. I love it when my daughter says it helped "just like that!" as she snaps her fingers. Isn't it so neat to have that kind of result so quickly when our little ones are uncomfortable? It's great to know that we have options!

I love to witness as that light bulb goes on and they become an empowered family too!  One of my favorite things that I have learned about these oils is an earache recipe. Luckily I have never had to deal with an ear infection with my kids. I like to think that staying on top of it with the following recipe, making gentle adjustments along the way, and keeping their immune systems strong have been the key to keeping their ears clear. I know a lot of mom's struggle with earaches and I am so glad that we have this option. I hope this helps you too! If you are not yet using these amazing doTERRA oils, contact me for a free consultation or sample.

 Ear ache Recipe    

  • 2 drops Helichrysum on cotton ball, tear off, place in ear
  • 4 drops Purify® & Aromatouch® massage around ear & lymph nodes with FCO
  • 2 drops Lavender on a qtip & swipe on outside of ear
  • 4 drops Helicrhysum in a capsule
  • 3-4 drops Frankincense along spine (you can also consider onguard Touch® along spine & feet
  • 2 drops lemon or lime in a glass of water.

Sore Throat Recipe

In a 1 ounce spray bottle

  • 10 drops Onguard
  • 10 drops Lemon or Lime
  • 2 drops Oregano or Arborvitae. Spray on back of throat several times throughout the day.

This can be used in combination with Onguard throat lozenges.

For super charged support: Apply Helichrysum topically around throat and lymph nodes. Apply Aromatouch along lymph nodes on neck.

Tummy Ache Recipe

  • 1-2 drops Digestzen® with 1/4 tsp carrier oil clockwise on belly
  • PB Assist Jr® & Terrazyme®
  • 1 drop Lemon in a glass of water
  • 1 drop Lavender or Roman Chamomile on belly.
  • TIP: massage Digestze®n on feet, rub out crunchies and knots

Download the Kid's Safety Protocol here for more help with oils. 


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