How To Get Your Kids Schedule On Track Before School Starts


Wow it’s been a fun filled summer and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end already! We’ve traveled, camped, swam, stayed up late to watch movies, and built forts in our home multiple times this summer. I was grateful that my parents let me sleep in during the summer months, and I like to do the same for my kids. With school starting in two weeks, however, the 10 am wake up calls are no longer going to cut it. Here are some suggestions of what you can do to help your kiddos get more acclimated to an earlier sleep schedule. 

Before Bed:   

  • 8pm: Time for baths with salt and a few drops of Lavender. No screen time allowed after this, as the blue light stops the production of Melatonin, the all important sleep hormone.  :
  • 8:30pm: Games such as Scrabble or Charades can help get those lingering wiggles out. Promising a game after baths or showers can help get your kids motivated.
  • 9pm: A late night snack heavy on protein and fat like nuts or cassava chips with grass fed butter or avocado will facilitate a good night's sleep (avoid sugar)
  • 9:15pm: 1-2 capsules Serenity Sleep Capsules. 
    • Apply vetiver along the spine, my son asks for this one now at bed time, He’s told me, “Vetiver works so fast! I am immediately relaxed.”
    • Juniper Berry on the solar plexus for sweet dreams.
      Diffuse Wild Orange and Lavender or a drop of Roman Chamomile. My son loves Chamomile on his pillow to fall asleep fast. 
  • 9:30pm: Time for prayers and in-bed reading.
  • 10pm: Lights out. 

For additional support:
Some kids will struggle with the production of melatonin.  For this reason, you can administer the appropriate dose of Melatonin according to the child’s age. Our functional medicine pediatrician helped us interpret our genetic reports we ordered from 23 and Me.  We have learned that if your child is having a hard time falling asleep, it may be genetic!

Try a supplement called “ DREM” by Systemic Formulas occasionally for help with sleep. It was recommended to us by our functional medicine doctor and it has worked wonders by helping us fall asleep quickly with the added bonus of never waking up groggy which can be the case with sleep medications.

Some kids still need a little extra boost. Some sleep issues can be caused by an imbalance in gut bacteria, parasites, candida, and even chemicals such as heavy metals. This can keep your child’s brain from calming down and producing the proper hormones for sleep. 

If you need further evaluation on this issue I would recommend Dr. Todd Watts (yes were related. I married his twin brother after becoming a patient of his). Dr. Watts is an expert in functional medicine and parasites, intestinal health, and Lyme disease. He also takes phone appointments for those who don’t live near by.

I also recommend Jennifer Whitney, a certified Holistic nutritionist. She helped us make necessary dietary changes that have helped us all get better sleep. She had us increase our fermented and raw foods so that we had better digestion which has improved all aspects of our family's health.

Give these a try and let me know how it works. If you would like to set up a time to speak with me specifically about your child's needs, contact me at 


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