How to Get Rid of Your Kitty Woes with Essential Oils

Love cats but not so much the itchy eyes and stuffy nose?  Well I know how you feel...My assistant was over at my house recently, working on a project when along came our cat.  They were having a blast and it was pretty cute to watch.

Unfortunately though there was a downside for him as he started suffering a little with itchy eyes and stuffy nose.

So I grabbed my essential oil kit and put together an oil protocol for him.  It was helped instantly, he was totally amazed and I was blown away.

You know I love my oils and use them on everything and I knew they would help, but I was surprised how quick they worked for "kitty issues"...

So if you have similar issues with cats or know of someone else who does, make sure you share this oil protocol with them.

To get more info about which oils to use you can also refer back to my recent blog post called "Which Essential Oils To Choose" for an understanding of why I chose the following oils to help out my assistant with his "kitty issues".




Breathe Easy Recipe

Breathe: 3 drops on chest  and diffused
Rosemary: 2 drops on lungs
Basil: 2 drops under tongue
Frankincense:  4-8 drops in a capsule
Deep Blue: A few drops on chest with a carrier oil
Roman Chamomile:  1 drop under tongue (optional)
Lemon: 2-3 drops in a glass of water


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