Enjoying Flag Day Bug Free

One of my favorite ways to celebrate our freedoms in this country is to spend time with my family and friends at BBQ’s and in nature. Being with my brothers and watching them make fun of my dad when he dozes off is the best. The laughter and good times never stop with my fun siblings. The only thing that could put a damper on these good times? Bugs! I am going to show you how to make awesome memories and how to maintain your comfort while doing it. As much as my brothers used to make fun of me for my holistic ways, one thing they could not dispute is the effectiveness of my doTERRA oils, and now they all use them with their entire families. It feels good to be right, especially in this family!

I remember using toxic DEET as a kid, it was the worst smelling stuff ever! Back then we didn’t really think about chemicals but now we are much more aware as the research and the epidemic of environmentally caused illnesses are on the rise. I am going to share with you what I use to avoid bugs. 

Did you know that you can catch many bacteria and systemic viruses not even classified by the government by being exposed to these nasty little critters? The blood born viruses and bacteria transported by insects is staggering according to functional medicine doctors I know who treat these issues. I have seen it cause paralysis, headaches, Lyme disease and more. Sometimes our bodies can get rid of these on their own but for some with weakened immune systems or just a stronger pathogen, it can take more work and even medical intervention. My point?  We want to avoid bugs any way we can from biting us. Here are my top tips to avoid bug bites:

  1. Avoid eating sugar, this causes your blood to be more attractive, sometimes not all the repellent in the world will stop a thirsty mosquito from wanting your blood:) Avoid the sweets this summer, your body will thank you and so will your skin!
  2. Wear long sleeved clothing that is thick. I know you are thinking hot, right? This is easiest when camping when it’s not too hot to cover up at night. This nifty cover up from REI can protect your neck and face. My kids took one on their camping trip this last weekend! 
  3. Don’t forget to pack the bug lights that attract and kill those pesky little creatures. It’s not bulletproof but it is a good deterrent. 
  4. Citronella candles can help reduce bugs from coming your way. 
  5. Essential oils. Like I always say, there is always some way to implement essential oils into our lives.  

Potent plant based solutions never disappoint! Thanks to the quality control of doTERRA you know you will get a potent package. My favorite ways to keep bugs away and reduce bug bite reactions is to use the following recipes:

  • Terrashield spray all over (already diluted in FCO) .
  • Purify on cotton balls, make necklace with your kids. It will be fun! Place around areas you want to avoid bug exposure. 
  • Extra Arborvitae, exclusive to doTERRA, these trees found in Canada are so resistant to bugs that they live hundreds of years without being affected by disease. 
  • Cedarwood
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender

If I am still dealing with pesky, annoying bugs, I will add the last 4 oils on the above list to my Terrashield. I apply to all areas where my skin is exposed. You may need to reapply, but pay attention to how long it keeps them away and reapply a few drops as needed. Do not apply more than 24 concentrated drops topically in 24 hours.


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