How To Deal With Your Teen & Pre-Teen Boy’s Growing Pains


What to eat and what not to eat to help with growing pains: 

What to eat: 

There are many things that contribute to our children’s growing pains. Because growing pains are linked to growth, I think it would be safe to say that diet plays a big part and serves as a contributor to or cause of growing pains. The following foods have high levels of calcium which is good for healthy strong bones:

  1. Green leafy vegetables like kale and bok choy
  2. Oranges
  3. Almonds
  4. Seaweed
  5. Sesame seeds
  6. Navy beans

What not to eat: 

One of the biggest contributors to growing pains is dairy. For many, dairy is the number one thing they think they need to drink more of, but in actuality, it may be causing more harm than good. Harvard researchers discovered that there is little to no research proving that dairy does the body good. If you want to know what dairy contributes to our overall health, here are 57 research articles you can browse through:
When it comes to consuming milk in our family, we use it very sparingly due to the health problems we have found that it causes us.  Don’t let the marketing of ‘got milk’ fool you! Find out how milk is really affecting your family. The biggest problem with milk according to my functional medicine doctor are the mutations that occur during the processing of dairy proteins. The one exception when it comes to dairy for us is grass fed butter which is mostly fat. 

Here are my top tips for bone health, growing pains, and a healthy inflammatory response in tweens and teens which will also help in improving their mood. 

DoTERRA’s Women’s Bone Nutrients Lifetime Complex: 
Don’t let the name fool you, this is an incredible supplement for women. Take up to 4 a day for relief lasting up to a week. Due to the patented co-factors implemented into this supplement for the absorption of things such as magnesium, Vitamin D3, and fermentation, which are all essential for calcium absorption, this is the top calcium supplement I recommend. It’s also incredible for women in the alleviation of  menstrual cramps. 

Massage a few drops into the legs with a carrier oil. This helps with growth and cellular support and also helps with a healthy inflammatory response. You can also have a few drops of Frankincense in a glass of water for more of a systemic response. Topically for a localized response. 

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex: 
Incredible for temporarily relief of aches and pains. Take up to 8 a day on bad days. It’s safe for kids 12 and up at that dosage however, for kids between 6-12 years of age,  2-4 a day is appropriate. This also helps long term with cellular support and prevents damage therefore supporting healthy cell duplication

Lavender: This oil is incredibly calming, massage into legs with a carrier oil

Deep Blue Oil: Massage several drops into legs with a  carrier oil 


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