Summer is my favorite time of year and I love the heat. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be draining. The sun can feel so good and warm on our skin but with the temperature rising, it starts to dehydrate us and wear us down a bit. 

Here is what I use to keep myself cool at the pool especially if I don’t want to get my hair wet! Also the pool can be a little on the chili side for me. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true, I know there are others out there. I’d much rather prefer to cool down without freezing to death in the pool. 

Here's my favorite way to cool down during these hot hot days.  


Peppermint and Lavender Spritzer

Spray on back of neck and chest and underarms for a refresher

This recipe works wonders for hot flashes. Spray whenever you are feeling over heated. It's instant relief. 

Due to hormonal changes or even menstrual cramps I also recommend using Clary Calm over your uterus area and ovaries even if you’ve had them removed, this can be very effective for reducing hot flashes. 

Clary Calm helps balance hormones and removes excess estrogen while cleaning cell receptor sites of synthetic estrogens it also helps bring balance to other hormones including progesterone and aldosterone. This also helps with cramps, healthy fertility and hormonal aches and pains. This blend also contains Geranium which also supports the liver and healthy progesterone levels for those under excess stress or dealing with menopause. 

Clary Sage is an incredible hormonal support for those struggling with hormonal imbalance. It is safe for all ages and can even help grown men with excess estrogen. 


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