How I do Yoga with Essential Oils


Nothing is better than yoga to still the mind, reset the heart and to be open to what my creator has in store for me to learn. Being on the beach in the Virgin Islands with my team was a feel good time of learning, growth and healing. I used to think yoga was for people who were really boring because I couldn’t sit still as a child, I figured it was for the quiet introvert.

As I grew wiser, I started to envy my yogi friends and their discipline for self care, I changed the way I considered yoga years ago and finally got started this year. It has been incredible and I still have to discipline myself to go, but the rewards are always incredible, more energy, more mental clarity, less back pain and feel good emotions all day. 


My yoga essential oil regimen is simple

  • Balance for the feet to ground my root chakra( all tree oils with deep roots)
  • Eucalyptus on my chest to open airways, also known as the emotional ‘oil of wellness’ 
  • Deep blue on my lower back to cool, soothe and bring flexibility
  • Lemon in my water to flush my lymphatics and cleanse my organs
  • Then I choose another oil based on what chakra I feel needs the most support that day or week.

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