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If you’ve been following me for a while (or even more recently), you know that my focus has been empowering families with plant based solutions. . 

When my son was 3, I had a wake up call. 

He was constantly coughing and main stream medicine had no solutions for me other than immuno suppressant drugs with side effects. I knew intuitively that there had to be another way. I was introduced to certified pure essential oils.  My son slept through the night without coughing and I went from feeling helpless to empowered. I knew I had to tell other people suffering with no solutions about a wonderful opportunity that could empower them as well!

What I realized is the synergistic effect of plants based essential oils + cells = a powerful combination! 

I’ll be talking about this on The Cutting Edge Convention with Marcie Peters. You might not have heard me share this basic solution in a concise talk showing you exactly  how to implement essential oils into home, health and emotions! 
I invite you to watch my free interview to find out how I transitioned from helpless to empowered with my health and symptoms especially! quick powerful solutions will be taught here...., see for yourself! Plus, you’ll have a chance to upgrade your health, choices and happiness with innovative ideas and inspiration.