Detox your kids from social media go camping leave phones at home! 


We are going camping end of July and we can't wait! McCall Idaho here we come! Last two years we took the kids on elaborate vacations first to Disneyland than to Las Vegas. It was fun, but getting teenagers off their phones can be difficult and distracting from family time! Additionally, did you know screen time can make kids irritable affecting their frontal lobe? Check out this study here about how too much screen time can damage the brain.

Plus blending families comes with its own challenges, different values in different homes. The solution this year?

3 phone free days on the mountains. No social media or Netflix for kids. We are going to get some good ol’ outdoors, lake fun, jet skis, and maybe some kickball. Not sure about that last one as my husband can be quite competitive and the small children can never seem to score on him. I might have to have to tame him down. I have an oil for that! (lavender maybe?). 

Here are my camping essentials to keep our camping trips safe, fun, and prepared for anything that might put a damper on things. 

What I never leave home without?

  • Terrashield for big repellant 
  • Helichrysum for head tension or cuts and scrapes earaches too
  • Onguard and lemon for immune system threats, of course, we can't have sick kids when we're having insane amounts of fun! 
  • Grapefruit for energy, head tension or fatigue
  • Frankincense for head tension and pain of course
  • Digestzen for those days we over indulge on smores 
  • Peppermint for car sickness for the winding drive up. 
  • Serenity to wind the kids down at night after intense board games such as monopoly or scrabble. My 11 year old beats me every time. The sad part is I really try to win! 
  • Clove for any potential toothaches, which retainers and sweet tooth kids, you never know when you're going to need something for a toothache and clove works so fast! 

LAST homemade sunscreen recipe here

It's so nice to have these things on hand at any moment to make our trip fun, and symptom-free! Do you need help with instructions on how to use your oils and are not using doTERRA yet? Contact me here and let's set up a time to chat. The first consultation is always free. 

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