Chemicals Detox with Essential Oils

Did you know that we are exposed to more chemicals in one day than our grandparents were in a year! We have had over 60,0000 new chemicals introduced into society in the last 50 years. 

Pretty frightening isn't it?

We’ve got problems, folks. Wash those synthetics right out of your system, the plastics, the fake estrogens, the #endocrinedisruptors, the #thyroid killers, the #liver congestion offenders, the immune system confuses, I could go on. But you get it.

Use this protocol when exposed to chemicals such as paint, new furnishing finish, new carpets, pesticides, herbicides, chemtrails, perfumes, candles, cosmetics, lotions shampoo, hairspray, MSG, food dye additives, neurotoxins.

  • Grapefruit, Lemon, Zendocrine, PB Assist supplement and Zendocrine Complex
  • Protocol: 3 days after exposure
  • 4 drops Grapefruit oil apply with carrier oil over liver thyroid, kidneys, avoid direct sunlight to location 12 hours.
  • 4 drops lemon in a glass water (not plastic)
  • 3 PB Assist at night 2 weeks
  • Zendocrine oil 2 drops under tongue in am, 2 drops over thyroid in the evening with a carrier oil.
  • Zendocrine Complex 2 with dinner 1 week to 30 days.

Citrus oils contain l-limonene the main chemical constituent that makes it so incredible for detoxificatoin. l-Limonene assist greatly with the production of glutathione, the master antioxidant that binds to toxins and pulls them out.


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