All Natural and Non Toxic Mouthwash

I recently wrote a post on Temporary Relief of Toothache where I was talking about toothaches and oral hygiene. I mentioned the great results we had been getting with an all natural, essential oil recipe.

As promised, I have included it below of this amazing all-natural essential oil mouthwash recipe along with the accompanying study that relates synthetic mouthwash products can do more harm than good. Check it out here. The study shows how the synthetic mainstream mouthwash actually can damage our DNA and how essential oils can inhibit the damage.

It’s pretty amazing and I you will love it.

Here is my favorite mouthwash recipe, it’s perfect before bed and for morning breath.

You can also take the below oils and do some oil pulling with some coconut oil. But for a quick refresher, this recipe can protect against damage done by synthetic mouthwashes. 



5 drops clove
5 drops spearmint
2 drops peppermint
5 drops cinnamon

Fill in 8-12 ounces of water
Shake before use to freshen breath


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