All Natural and Non Toxic Alternatives for Healthy & Radiant Skin

There is nothing more I love than using nontoxic healthy alternatives on my skin! Not only do the expensive skin creams NOT work for me, but according to science,  they usually cause more harm than good.

For me, they can cause an allergy or a headache, even the ‘natural ones” due to my sensitive immune system.  I found the more claims they make for wrinkles the more toxic they are.  Go! 

To be honest, I am spending a little more time worrying about my wrinkles lately as I push 40, but this recipe is kicking those worries out the door! 

I have put together these 8 amazingly simple tips to looking more beautiful naturally using healthy nontoxic alternatives that nourish your skin and do not hurt or damage it. 

This also Includes a fascia blaster, stickers, and more! You can read more here.

I have very sensitive skin, so it’s important that I find nontoxic ways to support it. 

  1. Consider a diet high in healthy fats, a collagen supplement such as ketologie I have been loving this new drink! It increases collagen in your skin and joints and is great for digestion, which also improves skin. 
  2. Eat and drink lots of organic veggies! I try to do a green drink daily for inflammation and healthier skin. It improves digestion and increases energy as well. (organic only please)
  3. Use essential oils (of course!) help protect cells, increase circulation, reduce swelling and redness and most importantly aren’t toxic like most skin care lines out there. My favorite uses for skin are:
    • Hawaiian Sandalwood over thyroid, forehead and frown lines (wrinkles)
    • Cypress under eyes with FCO* ( dark circles)
    • Frankincense all over with FCO* (collagen)
    • Lavender on cheeks (swelling)
    • Melaleuca on blemishes (reduce redness)
  4. Use a drop of cinnamon essential oil to plump lips naturally (careful it’s hot!) use olive oil to dilute the heat or add a drop to your lipgloss. Here is a picture of me right after using some, it lasted 24 hours!   
cinnamon lips.jpg


5. The microdermabrasion is an additional tool that scrubs the skin, sloughs away dead skin, pimples, blackheads, reduces pore size and helps produce smooth collegen. That handheld device is relatively affordable considering professional microdermabrasion can cost up to $100 per session with the same results.
6. Frownies: One of my favorite tools to use is face stickers called “frownies. I love it because I wake up with no wrinkle between my forehead AND it doesn’t cost me a headache for days like botox which admittedly I tried years ago, it pushed me into an autoimmune attack! Never again will I use that toxic beauty tool!
7. Fascia blaster: I use this to smooth out the fascia in my face and I love it! I notice when I use it regularly even though it is a bit tender around the grizzly parts of my skin, it's worth it, it’s like getting a deep tissue massage for your face! Try Ashley Black's Guru Fascia Blaster here
8. Microcurrent. I have been using a microcurrent for my skin and loving how it tones my skin. For those who can’t afford one or don’t have access, I have heard that yoga exercises for the face help a lot with toning the muscles in the face. I use the microcurrent with essential oil instead of with the toxic cream it recommends. I generally use lemon and Hawaiian sandalwood or contact me to purchase wholesale with coconut oil for best results. Hawaiian sandalwood has been amazing for skin and collagen. Sometimes I use Immortelle instead, this blend contains the most incredible oils for skin, wrinkles, blemishes, and for that amazing glow. 

Essential oil Tips for Beauty:

Hawaiian Sandalwood over thyroid, forehead and frown lines (wrinkles)
Cypress under eyes with FCO* ( dark circles)
Frankincense all over with FCO* (collagen)
Lavender on cheeks (swelling)
Melaleuca on blemishes (reduce redness)
Lemon 3 drops in water (tone liver)

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We’ll get your skin feeling and looking young, refreshed, radiant and glowing again.



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