A Morning Routine with Essential Oils

This winter is getting worse with the stress and the germs my kids were bringing home, my autoimmunity was leaving my immune system in rags. This is what I have been doing to really amp up my immune system and guest what? It's working! I had to double up the vitamin C due to my compromised immune system.

Most 5000mg is plenty when exposed to immune system threats. I do this only during times of seasonal threats or immune system threats, not a daily routine except I do take the high doses of C and D due to my autoimmunity daily. Check out this video of how we increase immune system in the winter time in our home:)

5000mg Vitamin C
10000 IU’s Vitamin D3
1-2 Onguard Plus Capsules 2 times a day
Lime in a glass of water
Helichrysum on chest
Arborvitae on feet and spine
Diffuse Onguard essential oil

Check out this video on what we do for our morning Routine. 

This is just a general guide on what we do for our morning essential oil regime and it can change from day to day. If you want to see what would work for you, book a call with me below so we can get you started today. 


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