6 Steps to Detox This Spring

It's that time of year and we start to see an influx of runny noses, itchy eyes, sore throats and that groggy feeling that you can't do anything. Believe it or not, it's not the warm weather that has you day dreaming of being outside. It's the appearance of seasonal threats and the use pesticides while people are preparing their lawns their upcoming BBQ's. How can we combat these nasty things in the air wrecking havoc on our systems? 

This time of year is when I get the most questions on about symptoms of sinus trouble, vertigo, fatigue and irritability. I know what it is because the same thing happened to me when I breath in this toxic air. We call it Chemical colds. You feel sick, but its not from germs, it's from chemicals.

Here are 6 steps to helping detox the chemicals in your outdoor environment

  • step 1 - diffuse lemon and grapefruit
  • step 2 - take activated charcoal
  • step 3 - take zendocrine soft gels one in the morning one at night
  • step 4 - take a bentonite clay bath with sea salt, pack the mud over your liver and thyroid
  • step 5 - 4 drops grapefruit in a glass of water for a glutathione boost
  • step 6 - Take deep blue polyphenol complex and a few drops frankincense under your tongue

This helps with the symptoms the toxins cause like the inflammation and headaches as a side effect of breathing in chemicals. This is also a great protocol after painting, although there is no and low VOS paint as your first choice for painting :). Avoid the obvious cleaners with beach, ammonia and other toxic poisons. Removing them from your home will help eliminate then in your everyday life. Think of it like chocolate. You're less likely to be tempted if you don't have then easily accessible. When you can clean with essential oils and baking soda, who needs that garbage! I get better results and a cleaner home with my oils. 

If you are ready to take the plunge to getting your life and your body detoxed of all the chemicals surround your life, Try this 30 Day Cleanse and Restore. 



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