4 Oils to Counter Spring Toxins

I'm enjoying the spring flowers but unfortunately my nose is not. With everything blossoming,  pesticides and pollen in the air, I have the perfect oil protocol to combat your itchy eyes, runny nose and the lethargic mood from the toxins of spring.

  • 4 drops of grapefruit in a glass of water and over liver with a carrier oil
  • 2 drops lemon and over kidneys
  • up to 2 Zendocrine capsules for quick relief 
  • 2 Triease for opening of airways 
  • Mito2max for additional adrenal support  

The citrus oils will help to release glutathione (think brain energy)
Try peppermint to oxygenates sinuses and lungs and lavender to balances histamine levels (or roman chamomile)

Start your week off refreshed and without the crash that pesticides can do to your mind and body.  


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