3 Simple Tips For Becoming More Regular

So let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced it. Halloween candy regret, a fun get together where we splurge on sweets, an ill-advised birthday treat, or an everyday addiction to sugar we just can’t kick. 

We can all relate! So what can we do to support and show some love to our digestive tract after abusing it with donuts, skittles, and who knows what else? To be honest, these days I don’t eat donuts and skittles. 

I opt for the dye free ones from Whole Foods (so much better, right?) In all seriousness though, for those days when we aren’t perfect, we don’t have to beat ourselves up. We can start to do something positive for our intestinal health. 

Here are my 3 top tips for getting more regular.

Tip #1 

Use L Glutamine Powder, My favorite brand right now for this is Apex Repairvite, it has L-Glutamine, Licorice Root, Aloe Vera and amino acids and enzymes for intestinal support and balancing. Careful not to overuse! For sensitive tummies, a little bit works.

Tip #2

Use a collagen supplement to repair the gut, I love Ketologie. This supports intestinal healing and is an excellent support for digestive repair as well as your skin, hair and nails. 

Tip #3

Use Terrazyme and PB Assist by doTERRA for digestive support to break down your starches, fats and proteins with ease. The PB Assist will help restore healthy microflora after a heavy or unhealthy sugary meal where bad microbes can flourish and invade your gut.   


Have some foods high in fiber like chia seeds, ground flax seed, and healthy raw seeds and nuts. 
Happy Digesting!


Digestive Protocol for the overeater or sensitivities

2 drops Ginger essential oil in a hot cup of tea
3 drops Digestzen with carrier oil on belly
up to 3 capsules Terrazyme for heavy meals
3 PB Assist for microbiome replenishing


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