How to Get Off Sugar

How to Get Off Sugar

Sugar can be an addictive substance. In fact According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it’s even more addictive than cocaine. There was actually a study on lab rats who were hooked on cocaine and after they were taken off of the addiction, they were given the choice of a cocaine or sugar water drop and they chose the sugar instead. What I think is part of the problem in our society as well and I think it’s important to understand what’s going on these days.

Essential Oil Spotlight - Turmeric

Essential Oil Spotlight - Turmeric

As we move deeper into fall and closer to the winter months, I thought I would spotlight Turmeric essential oil in this post...I think you will fall in love with this oil — excuse the pun!

Ok so I am going to try not and boast here, but seriously one of the best ways I have prevented our house from becoming a magnet for all the common bugs that our kids seem to bring home from school during winter is by making sure I boost our immune systems in the fall.

Weekly Drops of Wisdom - TerraShield Spray



Each Summer my entire family gets together to go camping. Despite all the long-sleeves and layers, I come home riddled with bug bites! This year I made sure to pack dōTERRA TerraShield spray to protect my husband and I while we sit by the fire each night. I personally love the doTERRA TerraShield spray for its blend of Vanilla Bean Absolute instead of the regular insect repellant that smells of synthetic alcohol. 



Whether you’re a hiker, biker, camper, or outdoor enthusiast of any kind, you will LOVE the convenience and protection that the newly formulated doTERRA TerraShield Spray provides. You can keep it in backpacks, purses, and vehicles to ensure bug bite prevention on the go. It is easy enough for the whole family to apply and is safe on your little ones! Help your kids take advantage of their summer outdoor activities by keeping them protected from insects.

Read more about doTERRA's TerraShield here:


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Weekly Drops of Wisdom - Amavi Father's Day Collection

Hey Friends,


In preparation for Father’s Day, I will be spotlighting the dōTERRA Amavi Father’s Day Collection. Amavi comes from the Latin saying “Veni, Vidi, Amavi”, meaning “I came, I saw, I loved.” This limited time offer Father’s Day collection features three new products: Amavi Touch, Amavi After Shave Lotion, and the Onyx Balance Bath Bar.


Looking for a great Father’s Day gift? The dōTERRA Amavi Father’s Day Collection is universally appealing, highlighting the unique aroma of CPTG essential oils like Buddha Wood, Hinoki, and Litsea along with the dōTERRA Balance blend. The collection includes a 10 mL Amavi Touch, Amavi After Shave Lotion, and dōTERRA Onyx Balance Bath Bar. Each product is expertly crafted to evoke the feelings of a hero's heart while supporting the fearless in spirit. Not only does this collection help uplift and refocus your mind throughout the day, it also creates a simple daily regimen to clean, soothe, and hydrate your skin.

Allow this new collection to help you or the father in your life focus on love and strength and finding joy in the present moment by purchasing your own or as a gift at

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If you are ready to make a change in your life and experience more balance, wellness, and empowerment using certified pure essential oils then let’s chat!  

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Weekly Drops of Wisdom - Geranium

Hey Everyone,

Spring is nearly done and as we approach Summer, I thought this week I would spotlight Geranium, a floral oil. Geranium promotes youthful looking skin, hair and nails. This is how I use dōTERRA Geranium during my nightly routine to hydrate and promote healthy skin.

Each morning I wake up and my face feels vibrant and youthful...I don't want to boast here...this is all the product I use, but I am often am mistaken for being much younger!

Geranium  promotes the appearance of clear, healthy skin

Geranium promotes the appearance of clear, healthy skin


Geranium has a sweet floral aroma and is even used in desserts, sweets, teas, and pastries.

It is also known to assist in calming nerves and lessening stress. Another cool thing is that Citronellol, which is one of the components in Geranium, acts as a natural insect repellent and it comes in real handy during spring due with the increased insect activity.

I just find with all these natural benefits, there are infinite ways to use it all year round. You can also take a peek at some of these amazing DIY recipes found on the doTERRA blog that should help you become inspired:

If you are ready to make a change in your life and experience more balance, wellness and empowerment using certified pure essential oils then let’s chat!  

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Weekly Drops of Wisdom - Cheer

Hey friends... 

Well Spring is officially here and ready to bring us all good vibes and cheer us up after a long winter.

This week I’m spotlighting one of my springtime favorites. If you’re like me, you tend to wake up a little bit grumpy in the morning sometimes -- I'm sure my kids and husband love that right :-).

The one thing that helps me start my day off right though, is diffusing dōTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend. 




So whether you're waking up and need some uplifting energy or you're ready to embrace Spring and the season of new beginnings, then you should really consider dōTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend...

It is an amazing combination of citrus and spice oils that will brighten anyone’s mood. This uplifting oil can be applied to the skin to counteract negative emotions and provide a boost of happiness and positivity.

The Cheer Uplifting Blend is also great for on the go and I use the rollerball version, which means I can apply it to my wrist and neck while running errands and be totally discreet about it.  Or you can diffuse at work to help brighten any moment of your day.

If you are ready to bring some good cheer this spring season, I leave you with a challenge. Spread a little cheer by complimenting someone today or helping someone in need.

Spread some Springtime Cheer!

Spread some Springtime Cheer!

If you are ready to make a change in your life and experience more balance, wellness and empowerment using certified pure essential oils then let’s chat!  

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

All Day Starting April 17th, you can purchase this kit that will surely sell out! 

Have you thought about what mom wants this year? This limited edition essential oil collection will be the perfect gift! It also comes with a DIY perfume mixing guide. An ideal gift for mom! Nothing says I love you better than non-toxic perfume options that have health benefits! 

If you don't have an account yet, order here and get an additional surprise gift from me in the mail. To get 25% off this kit, purchase a $35 intro booklet from doTERRA that will tell you ALL about essential oils! This booklet will also give you wholesale ordering discounts, free shipping credits, and many more perks like a free product of the month. No monthly ordering is required. Get 25% off all year round and don't forget to contact me about your special gift! 

For more amazing recipes for mom, download my free Mothers Day Essential Oil Blends. Mom can even contact me for her essential oil questions!

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Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is here and that means either one of two things. Either you are excited for a fun romantic date out with your loved one ooooor you’re preparing for Galentines. Turning on my favorite music/movie and a favorite diffuser blend while I pamper myself is really one of my favorite things to do. Here are some of my favorite ways for Pamper Days:

Lip Scrub.jpg

Epsom Salt Bath:

This will help detox and destress you from your everyday life plus it will help soothe your muscles.

1 cup Epsom salt
10 drops Lavender oil


  1. Add Lavender oil to Epsom salt and stir together
  2. Draw a warm bath and add ¼–½ cup of Epsom salt to bath

Sugar Lip Scrub:

Growing up, I had the most terrible chapped lips that were always peeling so this is something I like to do on a routine basis to help my lips stay smooth and pretty.

4 teaspoons brown sugar
3 teaspoons virgin coconut oil
3 teaspoons honey
2 drops Peppermint oil
2 drops Wild Orange oil

Note: This recipe makes a little less than a ¼ cup. Either portion out the mixture into several airtight containers or adjust the recipe to fit the container you have.

Mix brown sugar, coconut oil, and honey in small bowl.
Add desired essential oils.
Stir until ingredients are combined.
Put contents into container(s) of your choice.
Apply to lips as needed.

Clay Facial Mask:

This is made with Bentonite clay which has a ton of nourishing properties for your skin to get you back to glowing.

2 teaspoons bentonite clay
2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
1 drop Frankincense oil
1 drop Lavender oil
1 drop Melaleuca oil

Note: Bentonite clay can be purchased at your local health food store. Do not use a metal bowl or spoon with bentonite clay as it can make it less effective.


  1. Combine clay and vinegar in bowl and stir until well combined.
  2. Tip: For a thicker mask, add an additional ½ teaspoon of clay.
  3. Add essential oils.
  4. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the areas around eyes and mouth.
  5. Let dry for 5–15 minutes.
  6. Rinse with warm water and follow with moisturizer.

Strawberry-Lime Sugar Scrub:

This is one that will make your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.  It also helps your skin feel bright and fresh.


1 cup freeze-dried strawberries
1 cup raw turbinado sugar
⅓ cup organic virgin coconut oil
⅓ cup doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
3 drops Lime oil


In a large plastic bag, add strawberries and crush with a rolling pin.
Add crushed strawberries and sugar into large bowl.
In a microwavable glass cup, add the organic virgin coconut oil and place in microwave for 15 seconds or until melted.
In the glass cup with melted virgin coconut oil, add Fractionated Coconut Oil, vanilla extract, and Lime essential oil. Stir until combined and add to bowl with strawberries and sugar.
Stir until everything is combined. If mixture looks too dry, add 1 teaspoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil at a time until consistency is right.
Store in airtight container.
To us, take a handful of scrub into hands and rub together until sugar dissolves. Rinse under warm water and pat dry. For added softness, rub hands with doTERRA SPA Hand & Body Lotion.

Bergamot Foot Mask:

Feet should not be out of mind just because they might be out of sight. Don’t forget to show them a little love too. 

Why use a foot mask? Since our feet have the most pores per square inch than any other area of the body, it is important to remember to treat the feet too! What you put on the feet will absorb into the rest of the body, so do your best to gather high quality, organic ingredients for this foot mask.


½ cup organic Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons organic raw honey
2 splashes doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil
1 stalk organic celery
6 drops Bergamot oil


  • The probiotics in Greek yogurt help deliver beneficial proteins and the lactic acid it contains rids the surface of old cells, making way for radiant, fresh skin.
  • Celery is rich in zinc, which helps to repair dry, cracked skin. Celery also carries vitamins and is cleansing and detoxifying.
  • Raw honey is a natural humectant, contains beneficial enzymes and antioxidants, and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Bergamot essential oil is calming and soothing to the skin.


  1. Grate stalk of celery and drain excess moisture in strainer or with paper towel.
  2. Add celery and remaining ingredients to food processor or blender.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Ready a wet washcloth or sit by tub.
  5. Apply mask immediately to entire foot with fingers or brush.
  6. Let sit 15–20 minutes while enjoying mask’s cooling sensation and the calming effects of Bergamot essential oil.
  7. Rinse off and enjoy your nourished and moisturized feet.

What are some of your favorite self-care recipes?

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