Health mentor, alternative wellness expert & motivational speaker. I help those who want a holistic life through lifestyle, nutrition and essential oils.


For years I battled an auto-immune condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in combination with Lyme disease. After long struggles, persistent sickness, pain and lack of results, my illness became a catalyst for me in exploring alternative solutions for my health. I suffered for decades. Yes, you read that right, decades! Eventually, I was able to identify the root cause of it all. I began reversing my symptoms with natural solutions, and then something amazing happened. I started down a path towards a different way of life, a life without the symptoms of my disease and towards a transformative, holistic lifestyle. In my journey, I have sought to help people find the body and mind healing connections that they so richly deserve and to mentor them in achieving their optimum health. 

The body is a beautifully designed, self-healing machine. My vision is to increase the understanding of the importance of being mindful of what goes into the body, topically onto the body, and into the mind. Everyone has a right to understand the basic functions of their own body and I seek to mentor others on their healing journey.